Los alimentos hechos con trigo, arroz, avena, maíz, cebada o cualquier otro grano de cereal son productos de granos. El pan, los fi deos y tallarines, la avena, los cereales para el desayuno, las tortillas de harina y la sémola son ejemplos de estos productos. Los...



Un plato sano comienza con más vegetales y frutas, y porciones más pequeñas de proteínas y granos. Piense en cómo ajustar las porciones en su plato para obtener más de lo que necesita sin demasiadas calorías. Tampoco olvide los productos lácteos; haga de ellos su...

10 consejos para vegetarianos

10 consejos para vegetarianos

Una dieta vegetariana puede ser una opción sana. La clave está en consumir alimentos variados y la cantidad correcta de alimentos para satisfacer sus necesidades de calorías y nutrientes. Please sign-up for my KIDNEY DISEASE blog. This is free and help to spread...


Few days ago, I saw a perfectly healthy nurse in emergency department as a patient. He was worried that he had been exposed to carbon monoxide. He had a patient in hospital for a long time that had brain injury from exposure to carbon monoxide. Now he was worried for...

Contrast Induced Kidney Damage

Contrast Induced Kidney Damage Multiple studies have suggested that in-hospital mortality is significantly higher in patients developing contrast induced kidney damage especially those who require hemodialysis. Risk Factor 1. Hx of...

Diabetes Facts In Brief

Diabetes Facts In Brief

Approximately 16 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, according to estimates, but only 8 million people are diagnosed. Diabetes can lead to a number of complications, such as heart and kidney disease and foot and eye problems. However, studies have shown that...



You can enjoy your meals while making small adjustments to the amounts of food on your plate. Healthy meals start with more vegetables and fruits and smaller portions of protein and grains. And don’t forget dairy—include fat-free or low-fat dairy products on your...



The most common clinical presentation of Ig A nephropathy is bloody urine provoked by upper respiratory infection. Infectious source with microbial and viral infection is occasionally present. Food particles have also been proposed. Alternatively, Ig A naphropathy may be an autoimmune disease. Ig A Nephropathy is one of the most common causes of kidney disease. In Caucasians, Ig A nephropathy is more common in men with ratio of 3:1 than women. However, in Asians, the ratio approached 1:1. This disease can be transient or progress to chronic kidney disease and possible end stage renal disease requiring dialysis.

Ig A nephropathy is associated with other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, alcohol liver disease, cirrhosis, dermatitis herpetiformis, and HIV/AIDS.

The clinical presentation may be suggestive of Ig A nephropathy. However, renal biopsy is required for confirmation. Kidney biospay further helps for predicting the course of the disease. That being said, not all patients require to have kidney biopsy.

Natural Progression
Some patient with mild disease have remission. However, the presence of high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and reduced kidney function as well as some findings on kidney biopsy increase progression and poor outcomes.

Treatment of Ig A nephropathy depends to clinal presentation, urine studies and kidney biopsy result. Depending to the presentation, the treatment of Ig A nephropathy varies from blood pressure medications to immunosuppresive medications. Close follow up with a nephrologist is crucial.

Dietary gluten restriction has not been show to preserve kidney function.

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Kidney Stone Lifestyle Changes

Kidney Stone Lifestyle Changes

1. Drink 2 L of water. Make sure you are measuring this! It is really easy to think you have increased fluid intake with only few glasses of water. I recommend to buy a 1 L bottle of water and measure your water intake. (If you have heart failure, kidney failure or...

Home Dialysis Los Angeles

There are 2 kinds of home dialysis modalities: 1. Home hemodialysis 2. Home peritoneal dialysis. Home dialysis has several benefits when compared to in-center hemodialysis. In both choices of home dialysis, patients receive more frequent dialysis session than...

HOW TO DO PERITONEAL DIALYSIS? There are 2 ways to do dialysis. 1. Hemodialysis and 2. Peritoneal dialysis. When I discuss starting dialysis on my patients, I will talk to them about both. However, personally I like peritoneal dialysis more...

Future of Human Kidney Transplant Since starting my training in the field of nephrology, my biggest dream has been to see my patients independent of dialysis and having a normal life. Kidney represents the human organ in highest demand...


Dialysis patients have many comorbidities. This ranges from heart disease all the way to vision problems. One of the biggest comorbidites with dialysis patients is the management of dialysis access. Unfotunately, I see a lot of hospital admissions for acute dialysis....

Depression in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Depression in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease   One in five patients with chronic kidney disease is depressed, even before beginning long-term dialysis therapy or developing end-stage renal disease. Chronic kidney disease patients with...

Peritoneal Dialysis Frequently Asked Questions Part 5

This is Peritoneal Dialysis Frequently Asked Questions Part 5 Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 2 Click here for Part 3 Click here for Part 4 15. Can I remain sexually active once I begin dialysis? Yes. You are encouraged to maintain a normal lifestyle. Some...